Two days ago, Apple released the various updates that it releases almost every week under the beta program. An update that in the case of Apple TV has gone unnoticed and that adds an improvement that allows you to temporarily disable HomeKit notifications.

To avoid notifications that can sometimes be annoying when we use the Apple TV to watch a TV series or a movie, the beta 2 version of tvOS 15.4 adds the possibility of disabling the notifications on Apple TV that we receive from different devices connected to HomeKit.

Do not disturb

Image by @sisjuge on Twitter

The second beta that Apple released for Apple TV in the form of tvOS 15.4 added the ability to disable notifications from accessories that we have integrated into HomeKit, be it cameras, sensors, alarms …

The user @sisjuge echoed this improvement on his Twitter account. Now when HomeKit notifications appear on the TV screen while using Apple TV, there is also a button to turn off notifications** at different times**. You don’t have to do anything to activate this option.

tvOS 15.4 Developer Beta 2 has been released. No major updates (on first inspection) but two cool little tidbits…

First, Apple is really looking to improve Siri and Dictation from the Start screen, continuing its recent efforts…

— Judge Sigmund (@sigjudge) February 8, 2022

The user can choose between suspending notifications for 15 minutes, 1 hour or if you prefer until the next day. In this way, if it is for example a camera with motion detection, it will continue to work but we will not see the corresponding notices.