In the Android store, there is a new Google application that allows the installation of new devices: called Device Utility, the application allows to register Chromecast and Nest in the Google account, without Google Home. It is available for most Android phones and tablets.

Google is encountering some legal problems in the field of audio devices: following a lawsuit brought by Sonos, Nest and Chromecast can no longer use certain functions that they had until now. And, apart from this impossibility with audio, Google has been forced to roll out the recording of new devices from the Home app. The result is a new application.

“Device Utility”, the application for registering new devices

Until now, any user who needed to register a Google Nest or Chromecast device to their account had to access the setup through Google Home. This access is still available, although the company is beginning to hijack installations through a new application dedicated to the task: Device Utility. The app is newly created and has only been available in the play store for a few days.

Device Utility allows you to add devices to the Google Account to avoid the inconvenience caused by Sonos’ lawsuit against Google. As 9to5Google pointed out, the new app is essential for installing the new Chromecast and Nest, at least in some parts of the world (mainly the US). We recently installed a Nest Hub and had no problem going through the process with Google Home.

Device Utility can be installed on most phones and tablets running Android 6.0 and above. Once the application is launched, it will ask you to activate Bluetooth (to discover new devices) and deactivate WiFi (to create a hotspot and run the configuration). If there are new Chromecasts or Nests nearby, Device Utility will discover them, install them to your Google Account, and prepare the devices to be controlled from the Google Home app.

In principle, you do not have to download the application since to install a Nest or a Chromecast, Google Home should still be enough. If this installation is not supported, Google will ask you to download Device Utility. From the ratings given in the Play Store file, it doesn’t seem that the new app for registering devices is to the liking of users: they report misconfigurations and a somewhat slow experience.

Device Utility