Monitoring multiple biometric aspects while we sleep is not something new. In fact, through a mobile device and a band or smart watch, we can track our sleep activity, heart rate and others. However, when it comes to a baby, you have to be more delicate. The Babysense company offered a solution through a very particular proposal.

Defined by the company itself as “the first smart mattress for babies”, it has technology that allows the slightest movement of the baby to be detected according to its manufacturer, controlling its multiple biometric aspects.

A smart mattress that tells you when your baby needs to go to the toilet

This is a special proposition for parents who want to be fully aware of their baby’s condition. A solution that makes typical baby monitors obsolete. The mattress not only allows the movement of the little ones to be detected, but according to the manufacturer it is also possible to know the temperature, and even when the diapers should be changed.

All the information provided by the mattress can be viewed through the app for iOS and Android devices. From Babysense they guarantee that the mattress is 100% breathable and washable, and also incorporates a system on its sides to adjust the level of firmness of the mattress. Additionally, the company claims that using artificial intelligence, it can predict when the baby is about to wake up or want to relieve itself.

Babysense has developed an entire ecosystem around its products, and its mattress can also be connected to the company’s other devices. It is possible that this product can help these new parents.

Price and availability

At this time, Babysense hasn’t provided pricing details, although all indications are that the system won’t be exactly cheap. However, the company hopes to distribute its system during the next month of March.

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