We have spoken on different occasions about bugs and issues with Windows in different versions due to Microsoft’s development failures. But there are times when manufacturers do their part and that’s what’s happening with Dell and some of its equipment as a result of a recent update.

This is a BIOS update for various models in the brand’s catalog. An update that causes all kinds of errors, from blue screens of death to preventing the computer from starting the corresponding version of Windows they have installed.

No definitive solution for the moment

As they rely on Bleeping Computer, the update affects both laptop and desktop models. And they were quick to complain about the issues caused by this update, whether in Reddit threads, in the brand’s forums in various threads. As an example the opinion of this user in the Dell forums.

“After updating BIOS 5320 to the new version 1.14.3 today, the laptop will not boot. When I press the power button, the button light turns on for about 10 seconds and then it turns off again. “

Specifically, the issues are presented by the latest BIOS version, which corresponds to version 1.14.3 for Dell Latitude 5320/5520, version 2.8.0 for Dell Inspiron 5680, and BIOS version 1.0.18 for Alienware Aurora R8.

Most complaints state that after updating BIOS, computers failed to start Windows. Others claim that they are encountering BSOD, the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, or that although the computer boots up, the screen does not turn on.

For the moment, we do not know what the dimension of the problem is and if it affects more teams. In addition, there is currently no software solution. Until Dell releases an update to correct the errors that caused these failures, it is sufficient to downgrade the BIOS to a previous version of the firmware.

In this regard, some affected people have shared methods that can be used to revert to a previous BIOS version using SupportAssist OS Recovery to resolve this issue. There is also a guide from Dell on this link that shows how to recover the BIOS and correct this problem.

Via | Beeping computer