At the last CES 2021 in January, D-Link announced that they were working on what would be the world’s first USB adapter compatible with the WiFi 6 wireless standard, although it did not give much details on this. topic.

Now, they have already reported the launch of this device under the name DWA-X1850, which also appears on the manufacturer’s website with its full technical specifications which we will comment on below.

We are faced with an adapter with the classic form of USB memory but instead of storage it has a WiFi 6 dual band wireless communication interface offering connections up to 574 Mbps at 2.4 GHz and additional 1200 Mbps in 5 GHz.

In order to extract the full potential of the device, we have to connect it to a USB 3.2 Gen port, being totally “plug and play” type on Windows 10 computers, without the need for additional drivers to start working.

It is compatible with MU-MIMO and OFDMA technologies, with 128 bit WPA3 wireless signal encryption and of course it is compatible with previous versions of WiFi in case we have an older router.

Pricing and availability

The DWA-X1850 adapter already appears on the manufacturer’s site, although its price and final sale date are yet to be confirmed.

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