Sensitive data of five lakh people leaked

Personal-business details leaked into Morley’s database, including Social Security numbers of 500,000 people

Michigan: Ransomware has led to a cyberattack on the servers of Morley, a US company that serves several companies involved in Fortune-500 companies. The Michigan-headquartered company was hit by a cyber attack on August 1, 2011.

The company has now officially acknowledged that the sensitive data of more than half a million people has been leaked, with some having stolen details including Social Security numbers. The cyber attack carried out through ransomware has leaked sensitive data of 251,08 people.

The company has now started giving notices to these people and the process of sending notices to all the people has been completed in early 203 days. The Morley Companies says the company now offers free credit monitoring and identity theft protection service to these people.

The company says that ransomware-type malware had infiltrated their systems. Due to which some data files in our system could not be accessed.

Preliminary findings by CybersecurityExert concluded that someone had gained unauthorized access to multiple files containing personal and business details. The leaked data includes name, address, Social Security number, date of birth, customer identification number, medical diagnosis and data.