Man arrested in an act organized by the Cuban government in Havana | Photo: EFE / Ernesto Mastrascusa

Thousands of people gathered in Havana for a “support for the revolution” event organized by the Cuban government and attended by former President Raúl Castro and current Head of State Miguel Díaz-Canel , almost a week after the massive protest marches that rocked the island in the midst of a serious crisis.

Participants in the pro-government event gathered in the early hours of the morning in the area known as La Piragua, on the Malecon, and very close to the US Embassy headquarters. With Cuban flags and the July 26 Movement, photographs of Fidel Castro and his brother Raúl, the protesters applauded the leaders and sang.

A team from the Efe agency at the event found that internet service on cellphones, virtually inaccessible since Sunday’s protests, is still not available, although footage of the march released by senior officials government and official institutions are starting to multiply on the network. .

The only incident so far occurred before the rally began, when a man shouted “homeland and life”, one of the main slogans of the anti-government protests. He was taken away by the police.