A man walks today in front of a mural by Ernesto Che Guevara, in Havana (Cuba). Illustrative image. Photo: Ernesto Mastrascusa / Agência EFE / Gazeta do Povo

The Cuban Armed Forces have reported the deaths of four generals, including three retired, in the past eight days. The most recent death is that of retired Brigadier General Manuel Eduardo Lastres Pacheco, announced on Monday (26), according to a statement released by the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

On Saturday, the official press announced the death of retired General Rubén Martínez Puente, indicted in the United States for the murder in the 1990s of four members of the Hermanos al Rescate organization, created to save boats fleeing the island. . Retired General Marcel Verdecia Perdomo, who was Fidel Castro’s bodyguard, and Eastern Cuban army chief Agustín Peña, have also died in recent days. The causes of death were not reported by the official press. Some journalists across the country have said Peña died of Covid-19.