Information leaked from a bank in Switzerland has revealed details of the bank’s wealthy account holders (clients) from 128 countries. These people are businessmen as well as have political affiliations. There are names of some of the people who have been investigated and have been charged with various crimes by different authorities.

The leaked details include details of 18,000 bank accounts and 30,000 account holders with assets approximately 100 billion (17 trillion Us Dollars) in Credit Suisse, the world’s largest private bank.

The leak has been given the name of  “Swiss Secrets” and is the first time that so much data from a Swiss bank has been leaked to the media. Swiss Banks are assumed to be most strict regarding providing the private information of their clients.

The data was provided to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, soon after receiving the data, the paper worked on it in collaboration with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, the world’s largest investigative journalism organization.

In a statement, the person who provided the secret data called the Swiss banks’ privacy laws “immoral.” He said that in collusion with tax evaders, Swiss banks hide their shameful role in these clauses of financial secrecy.

Responding to questions from journalists, Credit Suisse denied the allegations, saying that any information obtained by journalists was “out of context” and that is why As a result of such information, a controversial image of the bank’s business conduct has emerged.

The names of many United States have also appeared in the data. About 1,400 Unites states have about 600 accounts in Credit Suisse Bank.

The data analysis shows that some accounts were active in the past but now they are inactive from the past few years. Some bank accounts were opened in the 1940s, two-thirds of which were opened in 2000 and later, and many of these accounts remained active until the last decade.

Reports say that the client rosters of Swiss banks are among the most secure secrets in the world, which protect the identities of some of the richest people in the world and indicate how these wealthy people collected their wealth.

In the past, famous leaks were the Panama leaks, the Paradise Papers, and the Pandora Papers, in 2016,2017, and 2021 respectively. Further information is expected to come on Swiss Secrets, as more data is likely to be published in upcoming days.