CPC Chairman outlines reasons for delay on White Horse Beach Bathhouse project

Anyone who needs to use the bathroom at White Horse Beach is going to have to wait a while.

Last Thursday night, Community Preservation Committee Chairman Bill Keohan gave the Manomet Village Steering Committee an update on the slow progress of plans to build a bathhouse on a Taylor Avenue property the town purchased in 2013. He also revealed they might need more money to pay for it.

Keohan told the MVSC that while about $150,000 was set aside for the project, it’s unclear if that’s still enough. The Community Preservation Committee is getting new estimates he said. If necessary, he said, the CPC would look to raising additional funds privately.  Private funds were raised to help finish the Veteran’s Park project in North Plymouth, he said.

The unusual design process the CPC used for the project has been one reason for the delays. As part of the warrant article that Town Meeting approved to fund it, the CPC proposed putting the design of the bathhouse up to a vote of the Manomet community. A design by architect Bill Fornaciari was approved. However, Keohan explained, the unusual process bypassed the normal procurement process, complicating things.

As a cost savings measure, the CPC planned to have CAD drawings done by Plymouth South High School students, Keohan said. That idea was proposed last spring, but was set aside when it became apparent that any work needed the approval of a structural engineer, he said.

If all goes well, work would begin next year, after the reconstruction of Taylor Avenue is done, he said.

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