Court rules for Entergy in dry cask storage case

After nearly four years of litigation, a Boston Land Court ruled upheld a zoning permit that allowed Entergy Corporation to place a dry cask storage facility at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station.

According to a statement from Cape Cod Bay Watch, which supported the lawsuit, Judge Robert Foster ruled the permit originally granted for the construction of Pilgrim allowed for the storage facility to be built. When Director of Inspectional Services Paul McAuliffe originally granted the permit back in 2013, it was challenged on the grounds that the permit for PNPS did not allow for storage of spent fuel other than the storage pool inside the plant.

Foster also ruled that the storage facility did not harm the property values of the plaintiffs. Several of the plaintiffs’ properties abut or are close to the power plant.

Entergy began moving spent fuel rods from the storage pool into the dry casks in 2015. The company has said it plans to fill three casks every 24 months. 

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