Geneva, ta. 07 February 2022 Monday

The corona virus epidemic in European countries is in its final stages. This information was given by the Director of the Europe Office of WHO. He says that Europe is now close to winning the decisive battle against the Corona epidemic. The death toll from this virus has now come down significantly.

The director of the WHO’s Europe Office said that European countries had only one such opportunity and that there were three factors that could lead to a decisive victory over the corona pandemic. If all measures are taken, then the Kovid epidemic can be controlled. The first factor, he said, is that immunizations are more likely to be due to vaccination or infection. Another factor is the low ability to spread the virus during the summer. The third factor is that Omicron variants cause people to have less severe disease.

Corona may break at the beginning of summer in Europe

European countries are expected to cool off in the coming weeks. Slowly the summer season is about to start. Cold weather is expected in most parts of Europe in the coming weeks. “We may have a break from the pandemic in the next few months,” said the WHO director for Europe.

The chances of a resumption of the covid pandemic in the long run are very slim. This is because many large populations have developed immunity to the COVID pandemic. If another variant emerges, its impact on European countries will be less, but the condition for that is that in this time of ceasefire, we must advance vaccination very fast.