More than one million cases of corona were reported in America

France and Germany will start giving booster doses of corona vaccine from September

Washington: Well-known US chiropractor Doctor Anthony Fossey has warned that the number of corona cases will not double if the number of delta variants continues to increase at the current rate. Not only this, if the infection of this delta variant continues to spread in the fall and winter, it can develop an even more lethal strain.

Significantly, the current corona vaccine is likely to be useless compared to this new variant. “Right now we are lucky that the current corona vaccines are still effective against the delta variant,” Fochi said. It still specifically protects against coronary heart disease.

More than one million new cases of corona were reported in America on Wednesday. The Biden administration is taking steps to ensure that all tourists visiting the US take both doses of the corona vaccine. Also in France, the Constitutional Court has passed legislation requiring a health pass to access cafes and restaurants.

A health pass is also required for long distance travel. Meanwhile, France and Germany have decided to start giving booster doses from September, ignoring the World Health Organization’s advice to delay the third dose due to the global shortage of the corona vaccine. Booster doses have also been introduced in Israel.