New Delhi,
The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that India is responsible for the increase in corona cases in Southeast Asia. In the last one week alone, there has been an increase of 150 percent in the cases of corona in India.

According to Hu, 156,94,160 cases of corona were registered in India in the week ending 23 January. India had registered 6,38,872 cases in the last week.

On Monday, 3,06,064 cases of corona were reported in India, which is 8.2 percent less than the previous day. Morocco has the highest figure in the Middle East. Morocco reported 31,701 cases, up from 4,610 last week. Lebanon recorded 45,231 cases compared to 38,112. Tunisia reported 13,416 cases, up from 3,948 last week.

Hu said that the Omicon variant of Corona has been seen in 171 countries around the world. However, the severity of the patient’s condition and death due to this type of infection is very low. However, the risk of Omicron is very high.

Although Omicron has a low mortality rate, its rapid spread has also led to a significant increase in hospitalization rates. Omicro has put tremendous pressure on most of the world’s health care systems. As a result, people who are not covered by the health system are more likely to die.