One of the drawbacks that we can find when managing a connected home with devices of several brands is the number of applications that we need to be able to control them. Some can be integrated into the current operating system, but others require their own application.

An atomization with which Matter wants to end but whether it arrives or not, applications like this are always welcome. This is Home Connect Plus, an application that allows you to control different connected home systems from the same point. An application that now adapts to the iPad in the latest version and can be downloaded for Android and Apple devices.

Whole home connected in one app

Available in the App Store, at the time of writing it has not yet reached the Spanish store, which should be a matter of time. An application that allows us to transform our mobile or tablet into the brain of the connected home.

Regardless of the brand that brings the connected system we want to use to life, Home Connect Plus allows you to control different smart home systems from the same point. A good add-on for anything that can’t be integrated into the Apple Home or Google Home app.

Home Connect Plus is an app that can be used to control and automate smart home devices from different manufacturers (Bosch, Philips Hue, iRobot, Tado, Nuki, Sonos, Somfy…

The application can be downloaded both for the iPad, whose interface is adapted with version 1.4.2, but also for the iPhone as well as for Android phones or tablets, so that from those Here we can also control all the devices in the house in a single application.

The Home Connect Plus app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. Remember that in the case of Android, if the application is not available in your country, you can follow these steps to change the country in Google Play and thus be able to download blocked applications. A process very similar to the one you can perform in the App Store.

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