As iOS 16 approaches, rumors are starting to surface about Apple’s next big operating system for our iPhones. This time we are talking about interactive widgets, which would allow us to control applications without even having to enter them.

Many more options to interact with our iPhone

In a LeaksApplePro tweet, we see a screenshot of what the view of the new interactive widgets of iOS 16 could be. A screenshot, everything is said, of which we have no further confirmation for the moment, we must therefore show some skepticism. .

On the other hand, hay que decir que los interactive widgets son la evolución lógica de los widgets que vimos llegar con iOS 14. Unos widgets qu’actumente nos muestran la información, pero que no nos permitsen interactuar con ella directamente sin tener que pasar por la app in question.

In the image we can see several of the widgets offered for the operating system. Widgets that come straight from the Control Center, like turning on the flashlight, adjusting the brightness, or accessing the Apple TV remote. We also see the music playback plugin, with pause and forward and back buttons and the stopwatch, with start and back buttons.

The truth is that interactive plugins open the door to a new interaction system. Those internally called InfoShack should also reach third-party applications, allowing us to do much more with our iPhone without having to go through certain applications. The question, pending confirmation of this leak from other sources, is whether these plugins will also make the leap to the iPad or will only reach the iPhone initially.

Picture | Omid Armin