Thanks to Chrome’s experimental features, we can test future news that Google is developing for its web browser before it reaches the world. And among all these experiences, there are two that the company wants us to test on our Android phones.

Google has announced that it is testing new ways to explore and share through Chrome, has launched two experiments in Chrome Beta that the company is encouraging us to activate to see what we think will improve these two future developments before they are done. ‘reach the stable version. The experiments are as follows:

Research continues

Google Chrome wants to improve its search engine experience by adding continuous search, which allows us to keep looking without having to go back to search results.

If we activate the continuous search flag # in Chrome Beta, when we click on a Google search result we see how a new bar appears at the top with access to the rest of the search results. This allows us to move from one result to another by simply clicking on the results in the top bar as tabs.

Your new cards to share the text of a web

Google Beta is also testing a new way to share website text. The experimental # webnotes-stylize function that we can activate from chrome: // flags allows us to create maps to share a stylized image with the selected text.

Once this experimental option is enabled, when we select a text on a website and click on “share”, the new option “Create a map” will appear. There, Chrome will allow us to choose between 10 models in which the font, the text color and the background of the card change.

Once the design of the card is chosen, we can now copy the image or share the card directly from our favorite app, where in addition to the image, it will also share the website link highlighting that same text.

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