Apple has drastically reduced the number of items it includes in its smartphone boxes. Until two years ago, they contained headphones, an AC adapter and a data/charging cable. Since iPhone 12, only the latter is included. And it’s not that it’s a very resistant cable: it tends to deteriorate quite quickly to the point of breaking or leaving the filaments exposed.

One of the best things an iPhone user can do is buy a good quality and durable cable that will last for many years. On the market there are a large number of Lightning models of all lengths and colors. We tell you what to consider when buying one and we offer several recommended models.

What to Consider When Buying an iPhone Lightning Cable

MFI certificate

Not all third-party accessories are 100% compatible with Apple devices. iOS is able to detect non-MFis and prevent them from working. What is the MFI? Made For iPhone / iPod / iPad is a certification that guarantees that a specific product has passed Apple’s tests to provide a minimum of quality and that it works without problems with your equipment.

An MFi accessory prevents the occurrence of problems or failures on Apple devices, such as problems during data transfers, slow charging, poor durability or physical damage to the iPhone, iPod or iPad. ‘iPad, such as irreversible damage to the battery.

It’s easy to tell if an accessory is MFi-certified: when you connect it to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, if it’s not MFi-certified, you’ll see a message saying the product may not work properly with your device. device. If you’re still unsure, you can search the Apple Licensed Accessories page and filter by model, brand, or UPC/EAN.

Construction materials

In addition to being MFi certified, it is worth paying attention to the materials of construction with which the cable is made. For greater durability, it is recommended that they be braided in nylon and with an aluminum connector. These cables are much more resistant and durable, especially if you tend to bend them a lot, for example at 90 degrees when you want to use your smartphone, tablet or MP4 player.

Cable length

This may be the least important point, but if taken into account, it will be appreciated in the future. There are Lightning cables from just over 30 cm to two or three meters long. If it is to be used to connect the mobile device to the computer to transfer data, it does not need to be very long. But if it’s to charge it at the same time it’s being used, maybe the longer the better. This helps ensure that it can be plugged into a wider variety of outlets, as these aren’t always close enough to the sofa or bed.


The cables that Apple includes in its smartphones have Lightning and USB-C connections. This forces users to use USB-C power adapters to charge their battery or transfer data. The reason is that the company computers integrate this connection.

Although a charger with a USB-A connection can be used without problems, more and more manufacturers are selling them with USB-C as it has become a general-purpose standard present in all kinds of devices (from power banks to gaming consoles). portable games such as Changer).

cable repair

Apple cables, as we’ve already mentioned, don’t stand the test of time well. It’s not unique to what this company provides, but if the cable isn’t made from durable, twist-resistant materials, it’s more likely to break sooner.

Is it practical to continue using broken cables? If they are badly damaged, an incident with serious consequences may eventually occur. However, if it still works and is not in a serious condition, it can be repaired. One option is heat shrink tubing, liners made from a quality thick EVA material.

For example, this 580-piece kit (9.98 euros) is VW-1 fire resistant, 600W voltage resistant and waterproof. Its method of use is very simple: you have to place a tube on the damaged part and apply heat so that it sticks well. This can be with a lighter/candle or a hot air hair dryer.

ASHINER Industrial Heat Shrink Tubing, 2:1 Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing, 6 Colors, 11 Sizes, Electrical Cable Sleeving Kit with Box – 580 Pcs

There is also a flexible putty (5.99 euros) to repair, rebuild and protect objects. It is available in white or black, possibly also in other shades, and it is easy to adapt to the shape of the article in question. It is solid, soft to the touch and resistant to temperature or shock, while being waterproof.

Loctite Kintsuglue, white flexible putty for repairing, rebuilding and protecting objects, moldable adhesive putty, waterproof and removable adhesive, 3 x 5 g

Lightning cables for iPhone and iPad

Belkin Duratek Plus

Available with a length of one or three meters, the Belkin DuraTek Plus (14.87 euros) is made with a very resistant nylon material that resists any potential damage that may occur when storing the smartphone in a bag or by friction. The nylon is double braided to further increase its tenacity. The seal between the cable and the connector head is made of flexible TPE to absorb stress and strengthen the seal, preventing breakage and separation. It comes with a leather strap that allows it to be stored neatly when not in use.

Belkin DuraTek Plus – Lightning to USB-A Cable with Ribbon (Ultra Hard Charging Cable for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8/8 Plus, 3 m, White)

Belkin Boost Charge with “smart” LED light

Another Belkin cable, but this time with a USB-C to Lightning connection for more modern power adapters or MacBooks with this connection, is the Belkin Boost Charge ($19.99). Braided, it features a “smart” LED that changes color to indicate charging status: amber indicates it’s still charging and green indicates it’s ready. It supports fast charging and is also made with aircraft grade aluminum on the connector housing to protect the circuit board.

Belkin 1.2m USB Smart Charging Cable – Easily Check Charging Status for iPhone, AirPods and iPad – MFi Certified – Black

Native Union key cable keychain

Carrying a USB to Lightning cable is always convenient. What could be better than wearing it on your key ring? Native Union Key Cable (29.99 euros) is available in four colors and has an ultra-robust reinforced structure that offers good resistance and durability. Its O-Flex design absorbs twice the stress of a normal strain relief, being able to overcome more than 10,000 bends. According to the firm, it is six times more robust than standard Lightning cables.

Native Union Key Cable – Heavy Duty Reinforced [Certificado MFi] Lightning to USB charging cable with keychain (Cosmos)

Cable Night by Native Union

Another of Native Union’s accessories, this time without the keychain format, is this three-meter-long MFi-certified cable (49.99 euros) which has Lightning on one end and USB-C on the other for use with USB adapters. or transfer data between Mac and iPhone or iPad, for example. It is very resistant and has a load capacity of up to 20W, being compatible with Power Delivery.

Native Union Cable Night – Heavy Duty 3m Reinforced USB-C to Lightning Cable [Certificado MFi] with Knot Ballast Compatible with iPhone/iPad (Black)

RAMPOW USB-C to Lightning cable

The previous proposals are of good quality but their price is quite high. Looking for something cheaper? The RAMPOW USB-C to Lightning cable (9.99 euros) is two meters long, is compatible with 18W charging with a USB PD adapter, is MFi certified and, thanks to the braided nylon, is able to support more than 20,000 curves and 10,000 inserts. A cable with a fairly good quality ratio.

RAMPOW USB C to Lightning Cable [Apple MFi Certificado] 18W 3A Power Cable for iPhone 12 iPhone 11 Type C, Compatible with iPhone 12/11 / X/XS/XS MAX/XR / 8, iPad Pro 10.5/12.9, iPad Air-2M

Amazon Basics USB-C to Lightning Cable

The e-commerce giant offers a range of “essential” products that stand out for their price and quality. Its USB-C to Lightning cable (11.42 euros) is available in three different lengths and if used with an 18W USB-C wall charger, it is possible to charge an iPhone up to 50% in one half hour. It is MFi certified by Apple and has been tested to prove that it can withstand up to 4,000 flex cycles.

Amazon Basics USB-C to Lightning Cable, MFi Certified Charger for iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Pro max/11/11 Pro/11 Pro max/X/XS/XR/XS Max/8/8 Plus, Type-C, PD quick charge, red color, 0.9m

UGREEN 90º Lightning Cable

Straight cables can be somewhat annoying in certain situations, for example when we use the mobile in bed and cannot support it comfortably because the cable prevents it. The one from UGREEN (17.99 euros) has the Lightning connection at a right angle of 90º, is made of braided nylon, is MFi certified and has been tested to withstand more than 10,000 flexes, in addition to having connections resistant to corrosion.

UGREEN 90 Degree Lightning Cable USB to Lightning Cable MFI Certified, 90 Degree Nylon Braided Right Angle iPhone Charger Cable for iPhone 13 12 11 XS XS MAX XR X 8 7 SE 2020 iPad (1M, Black)

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