Complaints, conservation restriction lead to blocking path to Great Island Pond

Gate off Hollis Road in Plymouth

This gate was recently installed off Hollis Road to keep cars away from Great Island Pond.

Following numerous complaints over the past few years, a gate was installed in early June off Hollis Road blocking vehicle access to Great Island Pond.

That, in turn, has led to complaints on Facebook about that access being restricted.

Problems, according to Natural Resources Director David Gould, have included illegal fires, camping and people cutting down trees to expand the cart path that leads to beach areas off the pond. Trees have also been cut down, he said, for firewood.

Complaints have come from property owners on both sides of the pond, as well as from the fire department which, Gould said, has responded to numerous fires in the area.

The final impetus to blocking the road was the discovery that a 2009 conservation restriction placed on town-owned property off the  pond prohibited any vehicles from those areas, Gould said. That same restriction mentions two spots for parking to allow people to use the land. One would be right at the gate, the other on the west side of the pond, he said.

Gould wasn’t sure when those parking areas could be built, but he did say that if  the town had to comply with the requirement to keep cars out, it also had to comply with the requirement to give them a place to park.

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