Microsoft is committed to improving Teams with an additional tool. This is the Walkie Talkie function, the same that can be found on the Apple Watch, for example, and which facilitates communication via audio, in this case between users of the collaborative platform.

Microsoft is bringing the Walkie Talkie feature as one more tool within Microsoft Teams, so we can use the phone or tablet that Teams is installed on like one of those old “walkies” we used in the 80s and 90.

A walkie without leaving the application

The Walkie Talkie feature was in development until now and is now available to all Teams users, whether they are using an iOS or Android device.

The Walkie Talkie feature can be used both over a data connection and connected to a Wi-Fi network. A tool intended primarily for people who frequently use audio communications and even powers phones with a dedicated button.

This is the case of the agreement reached with the company Zebra Technologies to create a device with an exclusive button that facilitates the use of the walkie-talkie function.

This function is one more rival for applications that allow the sending of audio, in the case of WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram… so that those who use Teams can establish rapid voice communications without having to leave the application .

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