One of the most beloved video game sagas returns to mobile, Metal Slug. This is neither the first nor possibly the last admission of Metal Slug to our phones, with Metal Slug: Commander having a more tactical component, although not far beyond Metal Slug’s defense and offense. from a few years ago.

As the name suggests, Metal Slug: Commander puts you in command of the battle, deploying troops on the battlefield to fight automatically, barring sporadic intervention from the Commander, you, to order special attacks.

War on the sidelines

Metal Slug: Commander is now available for download on Google Play, although it’s still officially a beta. It is doing it for the second time, since a previous version was released signed by the SNK studio in Hong Kong. This new beta, with a new address on Google Play, is signed by SNK China.

The same story, pixelated graphics, sound effects and characters from the usual Metal Slug await you in this game, although it won’t be you who will destroy enemies with an endless arsenal of weapons: your mission is to create the range of heroes for each battle, place them correctly on the battlefield and assist them during the battle – virtually automatic – by activating special attacks.

Much of the success will depend on upgrading troops, updating their skills and weapons, as well as collecting characters and super mechs that you then need to strategically deploy on the battlefield.

The game itself is pretty straightforward once you’ve completed the initial tutorial, mainly because most of the action just happens on its own. It starts off easy, although the battles get tighter as you progress. It is still a beta, although it has active servers around the world.

Metal Slug: Commander

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