Michendorf (dpa) – After the death of actor Herbert Köfer at the age of 100, companions and friends mourn the audience favorite.

Host Wolfgang Lippert, for example, said goodbye with touching words on the internet: “My dear friend .. you were one of the best colleagues and a wonderful person. I will miss you very much, I will miss your warmth. “Pop singer Bernhard Brink wrote on Facebook:” What a career – what a life – 100 years! … Herbert, your scene is different now. “

As soon as there is a date for the funeral, it will be announced, Köfer’s widow Heike said on request on Monday. Köfer fell asleep peacefully on Saturday.

Born in Berlin, who lived in Brandenburg with his third wife, was a crowd favorite for generations. He’s been on stage and in front of the camera for about 80 years. The word retirement did not leave his mouth. The title of the GDR television series “Pensioners Never Have Time”, in which he was grandfather Paul Schmidt, applied to Köfer until the very end. At almost 90 years old, he had built a new home on Lake Seddiner. He was considered to be the oldest German actor still active. You couldn’t tell how old he was.

Just a few months ago, Köfer made an appearance in the ARD series “In All Friendship” – on the occasion of his 100th birthday. The team for the show has now written on Facebook: “It is with the greatest regret that we have learned of the death of Herbert Köfer. We are with his wife, his friends and his loving companions. Herbert, it was a great honor for us! “

Actress and presenter Maren Gilzer remembers on Facebook: “In 1999, I hosted a New Year’s Eve show with Herbert Köfer for MDR. We played a 100 year old married couple. At the time, of course, I had no idea that he would really be 100 years old. He was such a nice colleague and the scene was his life until the very end. “

Berlin artist Julian FM Stoeckel wrote on Facebook: “THANK YOU for your fearless, unskilled, cosmopolitan and vibrant manner, THANK YOU for your loyalty, support and friendship.”

Singer and presenter Dagmar Frederic said on dpa request that she was happy that Köfer had grown so old. “It had to be granted that he could fall asleep so peacefully. Leftist politician Gregor Gysi paid tribute to Köfer as a living legend of the GDR and the Federal Republic of Germany. Gysi said he entered the Guinness Book of Records because he was the oldest actor still on stage and in the movie. “I am convinced that he will never be forgotten.”

Comödie Dresden also paid tribute to the actor: “With many successful productions and the most varied roles, Herbert Köfer has significantly shaped the artistic work of our company by his tireless joy of playing and driven by the desire to work hard and perfect. He has always been a close bond with him – and the public in Dresden in particular – so in the last conversation we were looking forward to celebrating our 25th anniversary together in the fall, ”said the director artist Christian Kühn of the German news agency. Among other things, Köfer starred in a theatrical adaptation of his television hit “Pensioners Never Had Time” in Dresden. From 2015 he was at the comedy film “Grandpa is the best grandmother” in a dual role.

Köfer’s career began in the 1940s – first in the theater. After the Second World War, he began to work for the television of the GDR: in 1952, he read the first news there. At the New Years Gala in 1991, he was finally here when the lights went out for GDR television. Köfer starred in DEFA films such as “Nackt unter Wölfen” (1963) and after the fall of the Berlin Wall was seen in popular series such as “SOKO Leipzig” or “A Strong Team”. But he liked to play in the theater on stage.