Apple is once again present at the most prestigious cinema awards gala. ‘CODA’, the film starring Emilia Jones, received an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. This is the first time that Apple has aspired to this supreme prize.

The film also has another Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor, thanks to Troy Kotsur’s performance. This is the first Oscar nomination for a deaf male actor. The awards gala will take place on March 27, with Spain knowing the final list of winners almost the morning of the following day.

When your parents don’t understand your talent…literally

“CODA” tells the story of Ruby, the only person in a fishing family who is not deaf. Ruby pursues the dream of being a musician, but her parents don’t understand her because they can’t hear what she sings. The film chronicles the battle and decisions Rudy must make to protect his family and pursue a college music career.

Apple TV+ already had two Oscar nominations last year, with “Wolfwalkers” for Best Animated Feature and “Greyhound” up for Best Sound. Finally, none of these nominations became an award, but in 2022 there will be this new opportunity.