Warning: if you haven’t seen the first new “Tatort” after summer vacation – the sentence but one will tell you who the bad guys are. It must be because it’s so beautifully striking. There are women behind the bad boys who camouflage themselves with dog masks and kidnap the bon vivant Frederick Seibold (Helgi Schmid). The “crime scene” is very modern in that it not only puts women in the foreground as police officers or murderers, no, it puts a whole bunch of women in the spotlight here. But they are great women: one speaks a thousand languages, the other is a single parent, the next runs a studio for women’s self-defense. The viewer does not know at first, because at first he sees only the masked kidnappers and hears them speaking with distorted male voices.

The fact that the authors of the Frankfurt am Main episode “The One Who Hesitates Is Dead” could have been noticed immediately, however, as neat and structured as they proceed: bringing their prisoners food and appropriate drinks in the dungeon, quickly get rid of old one Boxes of food, also take out the bucket to clean it and of course, prepare some pills when the kidnapped man complains of pain.

It’s a thriller about smart and strong women who are also hurt. Because a lot of men in their environment are better off financially and socially than they are, even though these men really aren’t smarter. Director Petra Lüschow’s thriller doesn’t tell this with bitterness, but rather in a somewhat bizarre way. That’s why he’s in a good mood.

Cute elements include several fingers that got lost in a truly adventurous way, a distant lawyer with a tit and a cat, her no less distant neighbor with a dog, and the lively red-haired fanny with a deep voice returning to Frankfurt. “Tatort”. How did she feel about Commissioner Anna Janneke (Margarita Broich) and Commissioner Paul Brix (Wolfram Koch)? I forgot, at least this time Brix is ​​using it undercover. These just aren’t the most original scenes in the movie. But so be it. Nonetheless, he explains why woman after woman wants to take money and get revenge here.

And in the end, you could almost say that women are better offenders. You are not killing anyone in this “crime scene”. A woman accidentally dies by the kidnapped Frederick, who in turn is ultimately gunned down by her mad father – the distant lawyer with a tit and a cat. Women do this in the long run – they can be very patient! – their coup. Either way, you will end up with more money than before.

Only the idea of ​​a woman with the stupid lawyer cat was nasty. But Miez will certainly keep his wearer’s hands toasty warm – that’s what they say about Muffs.