Chrome sound problems on Windows 10? Microsoft is already working with Google to solve them

Google and Microsoft have been having a really good harmony lately and the best exponent is the launch of the Edge engine with Chromium and the way the company behind Windows is working together in the process of improving Chrome. An optimization that has one final example when fixing Google browser crashes in Windows 10 while playing YouTube content.

Both companies are working on open source Chromium on improvements that will come not only to Edge, but also to Google Chrome. Improvements that will fix YouTube playback issues in Chrome on Windows 10.

No sound on YouTube

As quoted in Windows Latest, Google and Microsoft have confirmed that they are working together on upcoming improvements for Edge and Google Chrome. An optimization of the operation which, among other things, fixes the audio output issues that affect some Chrome users in Windows 10.

In the appropriate forums there have been reported errors regarding audio output when playing a YouTube video, preventing listening when accessed from Chrome in Windows 10. These users claim that failure results in the video playback without audio, affecting the 95% of those who access it. from Windows.

Apparently there are three reasons for the problem, according to Google. The first two can be fixed because they are related to the user who accidentally disabled YouTube or changed the output device. But this is the third reason that requires software work, as it is related to Windows 10 drivers.

Third party drivers can cause audio output failure on YouTube, affecting volume independent HDMI monitors, USB sound cards …

To correct these issues, Microsoft has accepted Google’s request and is already working on a fix in the form of a new feature that will allow Chromium-based browsers to fix audio issues by improving the integration between Chromium and the volume mixer. Windows built-in. ten

The changes are under development and at the moment it is not known when they will be released so that they can be installed via the corresponding update on the affected computers.

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