With the arrival of Android 12, or rather iOS 14, Google has started pampering its operating system’s widgets more after abandoning them for many years. After the new widgets for Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail or Google Photos, it’s Chrome’s turn.

The new Chrome widgets for Android arrive after eight months of waiting. Google announced that starting today they will enable the new widgets for everyone. You will no longer need to activate its experimental features to activate the two new Chrome widgets.

Here’s how the two new Chrome widgets look

The latest stable version of Chrome 98 will enable two new widgets in Google’s browser. This is the famous dinosaur widget and a new search widget with quick actions, now adding a total of four widgets. Previously we only had the search bar widget and favorites widget.

With the Chrome Dino Widget, we can add a shortcut to play the famous dinosaur minigame on the desktop of our device. Thus, we no longer need to put the mobile in airplane mode or write ‘chrome://dino’ in the address bar to launch the game which until now only appeared when we had no connection.

The second widget called “Chrome Shortcuts” is a new search widget that includes shortcuts so you can quickly text search, voice search, Lens search, or open an incognito tab directly from the home screen of your browser, as well as the integration of another shortcut. to open the Chrome Dino minigame.

Coming Soon: Chrome Actions

A few years ago, Google released the new Chrome actions in its desktop version, a few activation words to access certain browser options from the address bar. Well, Google has announced that these Chrome actions will soon reach more languages ​​and our mobile devices.

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