With Android 12, still in beta, a major overhaul of the operating system has arrived. “Material You” leaves behind the famous “Material Design” which has accompanied the operating system for more than five years and now system applications are gradually adapting to new design patterns. Design templates made up of dynamic themes that affect the overall visual appearance.

The latest Google app to adapt to this new adaptive design is Chrome, which is already showing the arrival of ‘Material You’ through its latest beta of the Canary program. So it won’t take long for Google’s proprietary browser to bring this responsive design to the free version for all users, although you need to have Android 12 to enjoy it.

Chrome Canary already adapts to the colors of Android 12

Future changes have been researched in Chrome Canary, the beta version of Google’s browser in the Android ecosystem. Thanks to the code of the last version, the activation code of the new design for Android 12 has been researched, for now through some flags that must be activated manually as they are hidden in the browser settings.

The first of the flags is theme-refactor-android and it is responsible for activating the reconfiguration of the Chrome theme on Android. The second indicator is dynamic-color-android, it is responsible for activating the dynamic color of the browser on supported devices, for now those present in the beta version of Android 12. We assume that at the future, it will be supported by any device updated to Android 12.

Once both flags are enabled, simply restart Chrome Canary to start seeing how the new dynamic themes work in the browser. As can be seen from the screenshots, Chrome starts to adapt the window background, the search bar and other elements, the design being even more homogeneous when Gboard, the Google keyboard, is opened to perform a search.

For now, as we said, these ‘Material You’ themes for Chrome only work in the Canary version, although we assume, given its advanced working state, that they will reach the standard version soon. from Google Play. In the meantime, it will be time to wait. Remember that the final version of Android 12 is already around the corner.

Via | Android Police