Chrome 90 is here and it happens to improve video compression to consume less bandwidth in video calls

Now that the browser market is more turbulent than ever, Google has released a new version of Chrome. The Mountain View browser reaches version 90, an update that can already be downloaded from the Chrome website and comes with some cool improvements.

Chrome 90 comes with improvements that you will only benefit from while using it. There are no aesthetic or visual changes and to appreciate the changes we will have to shoot the video playback. Improvements that always include bug fixes and performance improvements.

Optimize bandwidth

Chrome 90 brings improvements in the playback of video files and, above all, in security. With this version, Google covers a serious Zero-Day vulnerability that affected the browser but also Edge and that could facilitate attacks by third parties to run applications remotely.

A threat that we were already talking about yesterday and which affected the JavaScript V8 engine. With this update and this security hole, Google also blocked port 554 for HTTP, HTTPS or FTP servers because it was being used for attacks.

Chrome 90 releases a new codec. AV1 has been improved so that the quality of video compression achieved by standards such as H.264 and H.265 and already offered by web applications such as Duo, Meet or Webex can now be improved.

Improved compression which also benefits our data throughput, especially if we are using a mobile connection, because now with less bandwidth consumption we can enjoy the same quality. Likewise, less powerful connections can also access better features.

Other new features are clipboard support with read-only files or the WebXR Depth API to improve physics in augmented reality web applications.

The new version can now be downloaded from this link or from Chrome itself, checking in settings if an update is available.

More information and download | Google

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