Chinese Navy begins military exercises in South China Sea

(PTI) Beijing, DT
The Chinese Navy began a five-day military exercise in the South China Sea. India has decided to send a naval task force to the South China Sea as part of enhancing cooperation with allies.
China also became active as India decided to send a naval task force to enhance cooperation with the allies. China has started a five-day military demonstration in the South China Sea.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China expects the Quad countries to comply with the navigation law. China wants all countries to work for peace in the South China Sea.
The United States will conduct joint exercises with Britain, Australia and Japan in the Pacific Ocean. India has also decided to deploy a task force in the South China Sea for two months. Allies, including India and the United States, have tried to put pressure on China in the South China Sea, but China has also launched a show of strength on the pretext of a five-day military exercise.

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