The Chinese Foreign Minister and State Counselor spoke on phone with UK Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss, European Union Director for Foreign Affairs Mr. Borrell, and French Political Coordinator Mr. Bonne, correspondingly. They conducted lengthy discussions, with a special emphasis on the Ukraine problem. China’s perspective on the Russia-Ukraine issue as expressed by Chinese officials can be summed up in the following points.

China thinks that all countries should be respected and protected and that the UN Charter’s goals and principles should be fully implemented. China’s viewpoint is straightforward and it also integrates to the Ukraine issue.

China believes that the security of one country should never be compromised at the expense of the security of others. The mentality of the Cold War should be eliminated entirely. Given NATO’s five rounds of eastward expansion in a row, Russia’s valid security concerns should be treated seriously. China calls for a security system that is shared, broad, inclusive, and long-term.

China has been paying close attention to the happenings in Ukraine. The most pressing concern right now is for all sides to exercise the necessary caution in order to prevent the present situation in Ukraine from deteriorating or spinning out of control. Civilians’ lives and wealth must be appropriately safeguarded, and large-scale humanistic disasters must be avoided.

China encourages Russia and Ukraine to engage in direct talks and negotiations as soon as possible. Instead of serving as a battleground for major powers, Ukraine should serve as a bridge between the Western and eastern countries. The EU and Russia should engage in an equal-footed conversation on European security concerns. China supports the goal of forming a balanced, effective, and long-term European security system.

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China thinks that the United Nations Security Council should play a responsible role in resolving the Ukraine crisis, prioritizing regional peace and stability as well as the universal security of all nations. Rather than inflaming tensions and causing further escalation. 

China has the best record among major countries in terms of peace and security. According to China’s foreign minister, we’ve never attacked other countries, conducted unlawful wars, targeted territories, or engaged in militarily block warfare. China remains dedicated to peaceful development and the creation of a global society with a shared future.