Statements were made between the US and China on the issue of American warships stationed in the South China Sea. China threatened the United States, saying it was violating international law by entering Chinese waters. The United States, on the other hand, has responded to China, citing international law.
The issue of the South China Sea is a frequent source of tension between the US and China. Controversial rhetoric has started once again on this issue. A spokesman for China’s Southern Theater Command said China has a special eye on US guided missile destroyers in the South China Sea. This American warship has violated its territorial waters. China claims that America has been warned about this issue.
The United States, on the other hand, has categorically denied any warnings from China. US South China Sea Operations spokesman Mark Langer said China’s statement was false. For one thing, American warship destroyers have received no such warning. Second, US free navigation operations are being conducted in compliance with international law, in accordance with agreements with the Allies. He advocated the independence of international waters near islands in the South China Sea.
China claims the South China Sea. China is also embroiled in disputes with other neighboring countries regarding this issue. The United States maintains a stable presence in the South China Sea, citing UN free-navigation rules. This issue has often been a cause of tension between the armies of the two countries.