Hundreds of organizations promoting China’s agenda have reportedly been shut down in the United States

Washington: Dozens of countries including America have started tightening the noose on organizations promoting China in their own countries. In other words, it has begun to rein in China. These institutions available in these countries are funded by the Chinese government. The main goal of these organizations is to spread the agenda of the Chinese government. Apart from the United States, other European countries including Germany and the Netherlands are among the countries taking action against these organizations. China has these institutions in 113 countries of the world.

These countries have now started identifying and reining in organizations promoting China’s agenda. Such institutions include some educational institutions and others. Such institutions work closely with various colleges and universities to advance the agenda of the Chinese Communist government in other countries.

The number of such institutions has increased in recent years. The United States has already curtailed some of these organizations marketing the agenda of the Chinese government. According to a report by the Defense Military Institution of France, these organizations do their work completely under Chinese control. He does the marketing work of his ideology very quietly. This type of organization is working in many countries of the world, which is now seen as a need to curb China.

The organization works according to the guidelines of the Communist Party of China. It fully serves the interests of China. He is accompanied by the Chinese media, political experts and other leaders and think tanks.

Since 2004, these Chinese organizations have spread their network to many countries around the world. Most of them have teachers and books. Keeping this in mind, China started the International Educational Foundation. In 2017, the National Association of Scholars released a report called Outsourcing to China.

It said Chinese institutions are operating in 113 countries around the world. In the United States alone, 24 such organizations were noted in January 2022. The US has already closed four of these.

These are Valparaíso University, University of Akron, Bryant University, Alabama and M University. Now the name of St. Clout has been added. Some organizations have recently banned their websites for viewing such scams. Some reports say that about a hundred such organizations have been closed in the United States.