The former Chilean Congress in Santiago, where the sessions of the country’s Constitutional Convention take place, on July 7, the day of the first session of the convention | Photo: EFE / Elvis González

Chile’s Commission on Human Rights of the Constitutional Convention (CC) over the weekend approved the inclusion of a proposal to replace the carabinieri, the conspicuous Chilean police, with an institution controlled by civilians , “with a citizen and demilitarized approach”.

The commission is one of those drafting proposals for regulations that will be debated and voted on in the CC plenary for the drafting of the new Chilean constitution. The approval took place at dawn on Saturday (28), by 30 votes to 1, and the document containing all the proposals of this commission was submitted to the regulatory commission, which will examine it and then transmit it. for debate in plenary.

Voters celebrated the approval of the proposal to replace the Carabinieri, who during protests in 2019 were accused of corruption and human rights violations. The move also sparked a backlash among members of the country’s right-wing political government, who rejected the proposal.

Interior and Public Security Minister Rodrigo Delgado said the Carabinieri “have a history that cannot be erased overnight”. The Under-Secretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli, commented that “there is a lot of work, very serious, in the long term, to fall into refoundational infantilism”.

Felipe Harboe, former senator and current constituent, believes that the human rights commission has exceeded its mandate. “It seems complicated that in a late-night debate, you put forward a nomination and appear as if it’s a convention decision. And it’s not like that, it’s a proposal,” Harboe said, noting that he was in favor of the reform.