Chile updates data on the effectiveness of Coronavac in the country

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Coronavac vaccine against Covid-19. Photo: Hully Paiva / SMCS

The Chilean Ministry of Health reported this week that China’s Coronavac vaccine was 86% effective in preventing deaths from Covid-19 in a study of more than 10 million people who received the vaccine in the country, between February 2 and May 1. The new issue is an update of the result released in April, which indicated the 80% effectiveness of Coronavac in preventing death from the disease. The figures found in the study are:

65.3% efficiency in preventing symptomatic Covid-19 (67% in the previous study) 87.0% efficiency in preventing hospitalizations (85% in the previous study) 90.3% d ‘efficacy in preventing admission to an ICU (89% in the previous study) 86.0% efficacy in preventing death from Covid-19 (80% in the previous study)

“We know that with at least four months of follow-up, we have extremely reliable and positive numbers; And on the other hand, [o resultado] tells us that although we know that there is a variant of SARS-CoV-2 in circulation, the vaccine maintains very adequate performance, ”said Rafael Araos, adviser at the Ministry of Health.

Coronavac is the vaccine most used in the vaccination campaign in Chile. More than 14 million doses were applied on Wednesday. Other vaccines used are Pfizer (2.7 million doses applied) and AstraZeneca (92,000 doses).

The Chilean Ministry of Health expects the Chinese vaccine to be approved soon by the World Health Organization. Speaking to reporters, the ministry’s deputy public health secretary Paula Daza said on Wednesday that “probably in the next few days, in the coming weeks, the Sinovac vaccine could be approved by the WHO” and that ” this will obviously allow [a Coronavac] be integrated into the European Union regulations for the entry of tourists into the countries of the Union.

Chile vaccinated 48% of its 19 million inhabitants with the first dose of the vaccine. 39% of Chileans are already vaccinated with the second dose. The number of deaths from the disease has declined over the past month, but has yet to return to levels seen earlier in the year. New cases of Covid-19 rose again last week, after three weeks of decline. The average of the last seven days indicates around 5.6 thousand recorded cases daily and 87 deaths.

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