After the option to move chats from iPhone to Android, we missed the opposite possibility, being able to export them; an option that WhatsApp had already confirmed at the time. And now we have a sign that the migration is very close: the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS is now ready to import conversations from Android.

One of the problems that most affects WhatsApp users is the inability to switch between competing operating systems without the new mobile losing the chats and all the content it has received. WhatsApp has fixed this issue on Android (currently only for owners of a Samsung Galaxy or Android 12), it should do the same for owners of an iPhone. Is the solution close?

Import from Android appears in iPhone beta

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It’s not yet available and won’t be anytime soon: as is often the case with profound changes to WhatsApp, the developers are going there little by little so as not to jeopardize the experience of more than two billion monthly users. So slowly that rivals have taken the lead in features, as is the case with Telegram.

WaBetaInfo discovered the novelty in the latest beta of WhatsApp for iOS. There, the developers have included the import of conversations and content from WhatsApp for Android, although the function is not yet operational. We tried following the steps from our own beta installed on the iPhone, but couldn’t find the menus. It’s probably hidden in the application code.

With the chat import feature, anyone can switch from Android to iPhone without losing their WhatsApp backup and without having to use third-party tools, such as DrFone. Once it’s enabled on the iPhone and Android implements it in the app, conversations will be able to cross-platform like they currently do from Android to iOS.

We do not know the date on which “the miracle” will take place: everything indicates that WhatsApp will start testing in the coming weeks; so it wouldn’t be surprising if we could move conversations from Android to iPhone before the middle of the year. We will keep track of this long-awaited novelty.

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Move WhatsApp from Android to iPhone: importing chats appears in the iOS beta