Chase through backyards leads to arrest of Plymouth teens

A 16-year-old Plymouth boy was arrested in connection with a motor vehicle break-in on Long Pond Road early Tuesday morning.

According to Captain John Rogers, an officer patrolling the  area spotted the juvenile, and a companion, walking near the 300 block of Long Pond Road at around 1 a.m. The pair, Rogers said, tried to evade the officer. He chased the 16-year-old through several backyards before catching him. The other youth was not caught at the time. He was identified and later summonsed.

The teen, according to Rogers, allegedly had items taken from the vehicle of an EMT. Which included a backpack containing a stethoscope and a other medical equipment. The officer also, Rogers alleged, found two portable DVD players and feminine hygiene products, which did not belong to the first victim.

Both suspects were charged with breaking and entering of a motor vehicle in the nighttime for a felony, larceny over $250, receiving stolen property over $250 and disturbing the peace.


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