The actor has been in short supply for a while – and for good reason. Now he returns to the screen.

Los Angeles.

In his own words, American actor Channing Tatum (41) recently needed a break from acting.

“I felt like the fat buffet kid that works and works and works,” he said in an interview with Variety magazine about the 2010s, in which he played starring role after starring role.

“I shot four films in a row without taking a break.” He was no longer satisfied with his performances in the comedy “22 Jump Street” (2014) and the sci-fi film “Jupiter Ascending” (2015): “In the last two films, I was not as good as I was, I wanted to be because I didn’t have the energy.”

In 2018, during her hiatus from leading roles, Tatum also considered quitting the film industry altogether. It was around the time of his divorce from his wife, Jenna Dewan, according to the article. “Do I still want to act? Will I direct? Do I still want to work in the industry? I got lucky,” Tatum told Variety. “I made money so I could take a step back and find out what life is all about.” He takes “a real break”, makes sculptures, takes photos and writes. In 2021, he publishes a children’s book.

This year, Tatum is involved as an actor in three new films: For the third part of the story of the stripper “Magic Mike”, he again plays the role of Mike Lane. It can also be seen in “The Lost City” and “Dog”. This last film, which Tatum also directed, is therefore inspired by his own dog Lulu. (dpa)