New Delhi, dated 3 August 2021, Tuesday

To challenge the tense China on the Ladakh front, the Indian Navy has decided to show its might by sending four warships to the South China Sea.

The Indian Navy warships will be in the South China Sea and Southeast Asia for two months. Indian ships are to operate warships along with warships from Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. China has disputes with all these countries in the South China Sea.

The warships sent by India include guided missile destroyers, guided missile frigates, anti-submarine ships. The ships are heading towards the South China Sea at a time when China is under threat of an attack on Taiwan.

China’s aggressive stance has upset its neighbors in the South China Sea. For this reason, naval activities of various countries in the South China Sea have intensified. Just last week, a British aircraft carrier passed through the area. The Chinese Navy conducts studies here from time to time. China claims that we have rights over the South China Sea. They have also built artificial islands here in support of this claim. Where heavy weapons and aircraft have also been deployed.

Experts believe that Indian warships may stay away from disputed islands in the South China Sea, but the entry of Indian warships in the area is enough to send a message to China.

At the same time, this move of India is likely to provoke China.