This week we had a very special chapter of Applesfera Talks. Pedro Aznar and Julio César Muñoz have dived into the nebula of Apple glasses, because it is a product that is closer than ever. The abundance of rumors and their apparent contradictions make it a mystery that must be unraveled.

Apple Glass or Apple Vision, whatever the name

The Macintosh. The iPod. iPhone. iPad. Apple watch. Is Apple already ready for the launch of its big new device? Apple Glasses, Apple Glass or even rumored Apple Vision are closer than ever. And it is that beyond the rumors, there are certainties that allow to understand what the company wants to do with them, what they will look like and what their objective will be.

There is a lot to review, starting with the appearance of Google Glass almost ten years ago. At that time, Phil Schiller had already spoken out, assuring that no normal person would ever use them. And there was no lack of reason. A few years later, rumors started that Apple was working on smart glasses.

From there, the trickle of alleged Apple Glasses leaks has been constant. So much so that even Prosser has leaked what Apple Glasses look like, how much they cost, and how they work.

The truth is that there have always been two kinds of rumors: about traditional glasses and about a much more powerful headset. Indeed, it has been said about this headset that it will carry a 96W charger, which will give us an idea of ​​its power. A lot of things to put in order, where we hope you will find them here.

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