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the new Android 13 authorization will not be mandatory until at least next year

Surprisingly, Google released the first Developer Preview of Android 13. It’s still pretty green, although the basics for what’s to come later are already there, including the big change to notifications: they’ll be one more permission, instead of being accepted until otherwise indicated. The first developer preview of Android 13 already shows the notifications section […]

14 basic tips and tricks

Controlling our privacy is important. We use many applications and social networks on a daily basis that have access to a large amount of information about us. Among them, Facebook is perhaps one of the most familiar to us. Beyond the company itself, it is also essential to configure it correctly so that strangers cannot […]

This is Android 12 replacement

Time to put the Google Pixels into service, the company has just presented the first version of what will be the operating system of 2022: Android 13. As announced by the developer site, the number one developer preview is ready to go. be downloaded. That’s just what we did. Yes, Android 12 is in the […]