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Brain Exhibition – What’s really on our minds?

The brain has been studied for centuries. But despite the ever new discoveries about the “control center”, mysteries remain: what about the soul, about consciousness? The brain is a “very airtight affair”, as Henriette Pleiger says. Such an “unlimited theme” was a big challenge for her and the other two curators of the Bundeskunsthalle in […]

Small joint with big impact

What are the consequences of cannabis use? Maximilian Gahr from Ulm University Hospital investigated this. A first conclusion of his study: frequent consumption can lead to addictions and mental disorders. Maximilian Gahr in conversation with Nicole Dittmer

Who discovered the dinosaurs?

The first dinosaur bones were discovered thousands of years ago. However, it wasn’t until about 200 years ago that scientists did more detailed research. They call themselves paleontologists. They are researchers looking for very old bones. One of the first really important excavations in Germany is due to children playing. They found a metatarsal bone […]