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Photo and text volume on nuclear research

The European Commission recently decided on a climate label for nuclear energy and gas. It now classifies nuclear energy as sustainable. The recently published photo and text volume “10% – The photo archive of a nuclear research center concerning” also deals with atomic energy – more specifically the nuclear research center Karlsruhe (KfK) and its […]

Statement by Whoopi Goldberg on the Holocaust – “A Totally Credible Excuse”

“But it’s not about race. It’s about man’s inhumanity to others.” With these words, Whoopi Goldberg spoke out about the Holocaust on American television and sparked a storm of outrage. The actress has since apologized for these remarks, in particular “for the pain” which caused them. Misunderstanding and American discourse ABC television suspended Goldberg from […]

Talk openly about mental illness

Home schooling, no year abroad after graduation, hardly any opportunity to party: children and young people have been particularly affected by the restrictions and burdens of the past two years with the corona virus . Mental illnesses also increased dramatically among them during this period. A young person from Lübeck, who fell ill before the […]