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Space tourism – Major Tom next door

Henry Keazor in conversation with Gesa Ufer Step up: Jeff Bezos took off from the ground in Texas on Tuesday – and returned again. (picture alliance / dpa / AP / Tony Gutierrez) Two American billionaires have taken to space. A space tourism industry could soon emerge. The danger of this only affecting the children […]

Spread the financial risk of storm damage

Christian Kuhlicke in conversation with Liane von Billerbeck The water destroyed houses and infrastructure, like here in Sinzig, in the district of Ahrweiler. (picture alliance / dpa / Thomas Frey) The floods have caused billions of damage in Germany – and not for the first time. Risk researcher Christian Kuhlicke has long called for compulsory […]

Jürgen Zimmerer on Götz Aly

Jürgen Zimmerer in conversation with Marietta Schwarz Jürgen Zimmerer was very annoyed by “the honored historian” Götz Aly. (imago / Chris Emil Janßen) Historian Jürgen Zimmerer accuses his colleague Götz Aly of having attacked postcolonial theory without having a thorough knowledge of it. There is no serious post-colonial researcher who questions the uniqueness of the […]

How the city becomes a sponge

Roland Müller in conversation with Julius Stucke An element of the sponge city is also implemented at the Institute of Physics of the HU Berlin: the green facades. (picture alliance / dpa-Zentralbild / Britta Pedersen) Cities that temporarily store rainwater for dry periods: The sponge city concept aims to mitigate the effects of climate change, […]

Michaela Muthig: “And tomorrow I will jump”

Michaela Muthig in conversation with Christian Rabhansl A lot of feelings are old feelings. (Unsplash / Engin Akyurt) The feeling of not having deserved success: it is a constant companion for people with impostor syndrome. Therapist Michaela Muthig says you can take action against this – you can influence feelings with thoughts. The feeling of […]