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Wisdom – Growing in life

Judith Glück in conversation with Nicole Dittmer Openness and willingness to embrace other perspectives – two factors that belong to wisdom. (Unsplash / Faye Cornish) The oldest, the wisest? This is not the case, says Judith Glück. The psychologist has been researching wisdom for years, which does not necessarily increase with age. In order for […]

Corona vaccination from the age of twelve – What is the Standing Committee on Vaccination and how does it work?

Martin Mair in conversation with Stephan Karkowsky Politicians want to offer a vaccination offer to all children aged twelve and over – Stiko does not currently recommend vaccinating children in general. (imago / Sven Simon) The Standing Committee on Immunization is supposed to advise policy. Now, however, state and federal government health ministers have ignored […]

Identify plants using the app – what’s blooming there?

By Henri Bernhard Simplifying plant identification: that was the basic idea of ​​the app, explains biologist Jana Wäldchen. (Unsplash / Pascal Debrunner) An app that recognizes plants in seconds: with “Flora Incognita” anyone can make a real impression on their next walk – without their knowledge. At the same time, searching is also supported while […]

Gerhard Roth: “About the man”

By Volkart Wildermut “We are not one me, but several, perhaps several ego states,” writes Gerhard Roth. (Suhrkamp / Deutschlandradio) In his latest book “Über den Menschen”, Gerhard Roth takes stock. A thesis: wanting to recognize your true self is hopeless. The neuroscientist and philosopher, however, lacks evidence. There is no “I”, no “free will”, […]

Vaccination – How to convince the precarious

Eva-Maria Bitzer in conversation with Axel Rahmlow Vaccination protects very well against severe changes in Covid-19. Yet many do not know if they want to be vaccinated. (Unsplash.com / Towfiqu barbhuiya) Many are reluctant to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Dr Eva-Maria Bitzer advises anyone who advocates for vaccination and wants to convince these people to […]