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How To Record A Phone Call On iPhone

How To Record A Phone Call On iPhone

Phone calls are the best way to connect with your loved ones, but iOS users are under the knife when recording voice calls on their devices. Users worldwide love iPhones due to their security policies that protect their data. In this blogpost we talk about How To Record A Phone Call On iPhone?  For this […]

Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s – artificial spare parts for the brain

“The biohybrid describes the meeting of biology and artificial systems. This is used in various fields. In our case, biohybrid means that neurons and artificial neurons meet. Artificial neurons are special electronic devices whose functions are similar to biological neurons,” explains Francesca Santoro. She is a biomedical and electrical engineer and studies biohybrid synapses. His […]

Agriculture and climate protection – Dam

A meadow on the outskirts of Greifswald: Cattle graze here in summer, the ground is a striking dark brown color. If you don’t know, you won’t notice that one of the many moors of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania was here. Of the 1.8 million hectares of heathland in Germany, 98% is drained. Much of it is now […]

Too much salt in the field

Gardener Rafael Monge sells his harvest directly from his farm in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, on Spain’s Atlantic coast. “I charge for the yellow zucchini, but you get the green ones. I charge a kilo less,” he confides to one of his clients. “You also get spring onions and red onions. Do you know they are […]

Virtual Reality – How realistic is a metaverse?

In a video, Mark Zuckerberg, boss of Facebook, or: Meta, explains how he imagines the Metaverse: a virtual reality in which we immerse ourselves with a VR headset – made by his company, of course. Above all, this metaverse looks awesome, high resolution, smooth, colorful. Zuckerberg’s avatar sits in a virtual room with his friends’ […]