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Pop, rock and emotions: the organizers want full rooms |

Bayreuth (dpa) – According to concert promoter Semmel Concerts, artists should once again be able to perform in full halls and concert halls from September. Vaccinated and convalescent people should be allowed to attend events without keeping their distance, said managing director Dieter Semmelmann of the German news agency in Bayreuth. If the policy did […]

“Blood Artist” Hermann Nitsch in Bayreuth |

Bayreuth / Pinzendorf (dpa) – Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch (82) is known for his actions in which he engulfs animals and bloodies people. Now he’s working in a place that he actually created some sort of counter-design for. This year his Schüttbilder honored Wagner’s opera “Walküre” at the Bayreuth Festival. In an interview with the […]

Katharina Thalbach can finally return to the stage |

“Halloooooooo” – Katharina Thalbach answers the phone with her familiar smoky voice. After months of waiting, she directed “Murder on the Orient Express”. A call. Berlin (dpa) – Actress Katharina Thalbach loves one writer in particular – the British writer Agatha Christie (1890-1976). “Agatha Christie is a queen to me,” Thalbach said of the German […]

Steel beam |

One of the most original public works of art in the circulation area of ​​the “Free Press” made it uncomfortable to hide behind the town hall of Hohenstein-Ernstthal. As long as you can hide a sculpture about three meters high made of wonderfully rusted iron. A man who pees, the bottle still in his hand, […]