CANDIDATE QUESTIONS: Bart Foley for Planning Board

What changes do you think should be made to Plymouth’s master plan or its zoning bylaws?

Plymouth’s zoning bylaw and master plan should not be viewed as static documents but guidelines that should be constantly reviewed and updated as Plymouth grows and evolves. While they provide much needed rules for development in Plymouth, there should be opportunities, as long as the impacts to the Town and village centers is positive.

Do you favor keeping or changing the Community Preservation Act?

I am in favor of keeping the Community Preservation Act but I would like to see more emphasis on affordable housing and historic preservation.

Do you think the Planning Board has done sufficient  oversight on major projects like the Pinehills or River Run?

The Planning Board has done a sufficient job of oversight on major projects like the Pinehills and River Run and has obtained major open space agreements that would not have been gained from typical residential developments. The problem I have with the Town of Plymouth is the difficulty that small businesses have in negotiating the permitting process. As a small business owner I hear complaints all the time from people who can’t afford lawyers in getting through Plymouth’s complex approval process. This will be a major priority for me if I am elected to the Planning Board.


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