CANDIDATE ANSWERS: Betty Cavacco, candidate for Plymouth Board of Selectmen (one-year term)


What steps would you take to fix the town’s infrastructure, such as roads and bridges?

First I would get the excise money out of the general fund and put it back into our roads and infrastructure. We collect $7 million from excise taxes. We have a system that prioritizes each road. It’s time we start using all “our” tools in the toolbox!

Do you support the town taking control of the Simes House?

Yes I support the town taking this back but I think taxpayers have paid enough and really don’t want to pay more. So we should feverishly be looking for other revenues and not expect taxpayers to carry that burden.

What policies do you support to improve the summer parking situation on White Horse Beach?

First and foremost we need enforcement! Every day, and night for the entire summer Let’s get that under control first and then parking won’t be so bad.

What would you do to combat opiate addiction in Plymouth and its effects on the community?

I’ve already started this about a year ago, we need to make other modalities licensed in Massachusetts. There is a bill in the house and senate to do just that. This bill will license naturopaths in Massachusetts. I myself use a naturopath for chronic pain. I no longer take any traditional medicine!

What would be your primary goal as a selectman over the next three years?

Opiates will be my first. Our town has empty buildings, let’s fill them with things for kids, and older kids, The Manomet Youth Center should be open six days a week, not five , and after the younger kids are gone at 6 p.m. they should have age 15 and above there till 9 p.m. Secondly I want to be part of the negotians with Entergy. There is no one presently or in the past that has my knowledge that know what makes them tick. And finally the Revenue Idea Task force, we need to not only listen to them we need to do something about it. Let’s get Cordage up and running! This is what I plan to accomplish in my one year, never mind three more after that!

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