The Canadian truckers protesting coronavirus restrictions and vaccine mandates have disrupted multiple U.S.-Canada border crossings, further paralyzing crucial trade routes and causing major automakers to suspend production.

Arthur Wheaton, an expert on the automotive industry and director of labor studies at Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, says with a shortage of truck drivers in North America, the Canadian protests are exacerbating issues for an already fragile supply chain.

Wheaton says:

“The Canadian truck protests are certainly raising concerns for all U.S. manufacturers. The auto industry is very dependent on Canadian products and services for production and distribution. It is not only computer chips in short supply. Any part that doesn’t show up on time can cause a shortage of $50,000 trucks and SUVs on dealership lots.

“There is already a shortage of truck drivers in North America so protests keeping truckers off their routes exacerbates problems for an already fragile supply chain.” 

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