A huge fire broke out in California, which is burning twice as much as Delhi. There is an atmosphere of panic due to the fire spread over about six thousand acres. Around 200 firefighters are working day and night to control the fire.
The California Department of Forest and Fire Protection said the fire destroyed seven forest structures. The fire has spread to about four thousand acres. Four thousand people living in the forest area were evacuated, but many animals were burnt to ashes.
According to government department figures, 200 firefighters are working day and night to control the fire, but it is spreading rapidly. It is feared that 7,000 houses will burn if the fire is not brought under control in time. It is the deadliest wildfire in California history. The fire has spread to more than 20 thousand acres in just two days.
The fire department has evacuated an area of ​​12 km around the forest. Air pollution has increased in the forest area as the empire of smoke spreads all around.
Despite the hard work of firefighters day and night, the fire has been brought under control in barely 5 percent of the area. Compared to the area that was burned to the ground, three of Manhattan’s cities have burned down. Delhi, twice the size of the capital in India, has caught fire.
Several firefighters were injured while trying to douse the blaze, but the government department has not yet released the number of casualties. Officials said strong winds made it difficult to control the fire. The wind is blowing at a speed of about 3 km per hour. That’s why the fire is spreading so fast. Most of California’s forested area is covered with shrubs. Because of this the fire is spreading rapidly.
Amidst all this, the Meteorological Department said with some relief that there is a possibility of rain next week. If it rains, it will help quell California fires.